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Pierre Fauteux has been passionate about photography since childhood. His work is as much about capturing the moment as it is about transmitting the memories and feelings that he evokes on black and white film by "sculpting" with light.

A lifelong fan of analogue photography, Pierre is attracted to everyday forms and subjects, the very ones we can easily overlook. He invites us to rediscover them by highlighting their volumes and rough edges, revealing their nuances and humanity as well. His work delves equally into the movements of straight photography and pictorialism, without adhering rigidly to either.


After completing his education in anthropology and archaeology, for an extended period he was one of the rare Quebec specialists in archaeological documentation and architectural heritage photography.


Pierre Fauteux is also the founder and artistic director of Umanium, a company specializing in the design of heritage enhancement and multimedia productions for museums and cultural centres. He has over 70 creations to his credit in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.


Pierre Fauteux's work in analogue photography will be exhibited at Reford Gardens (Grand-Métis, QC), during the summer of 2021. For this occasion, a collector's book has been published and is offered for purchase on site as well as on Pierre Fauteux's website,

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